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Landscape Workshop Full-scope Service

Landscape Workshop
We are engaged in design, country construction, turnkey landscape service, improvement of plots, public spaces, gardens, parks and other objects. We have all the necessary resources in order to develop and implement a turnkey project of a country estate,  a private plot, a village or any outdoor living spaces.  All design is carried out by using modern software. At the same time, all the features of a particular site are taken into account, as well as the opinion of the customer. We are ready to implement any idea, provided that there is a technical possibility for the embodiment of your dreams. We are ready to make every effort to ensure that you can enjoy the comfort and beautiful appearance of your plot, garden or any new space!
In our projects we use all modern and classical landscape styles.

Traditional Style

Landscape Workshop

Form: Curving lines, rounded corners

Planting: More flowers, brighter colors, green shrubs, and species diversity

Materials: Stone, brick, warmer neutral tones

Elements: More ornamentation


Modern Style

Landscape Workshop

Form: Straight lines, sharp angles

Planting: Few to no flowers, muted colors, emphasis on heights and textures

Materials: Wood, concrete, cool gray tones

Elements: No ornamentation. Emphasis on materiality



 Landscape Workshop

Planting: Recognizable shapes and patterns, geometric groupings, straight rows, use of symmetry. 

Elements: More polished looking. More ornamentation. Refined textures: stainless steel, smooth stone, tile, 


 Woodland Landscape.

Landscape Workshop

Reflecting the natural way that fauna grows in a wooded area, the Woodland Style has a less manicured appearance than many of the other garden styles. This would be a good choice if you do not wish to spend a lot of time on maintenance.

Organic Gardens.

Landscape Workshop

As more people learn about the harmful effects of many chemicals, growing plants organically has become more popular. That means rather than chemical fertilizers or sprays, practicing natural methods of pest control and fertilization.

Remember, you will spend a lot more time in your yard if you have a landscape design that you are happy with. And, if you have a yard you can enjoy on a regular basis, it’s like gaining a room in your home.

Informal natural Gardens

Landscape Workshop


Planting: No recognizable shapes or patterns, no straight lines. Amorphous, naturalistic groupings. More species diversity.

Elements: Not fancy. Humble materials. Rough around the edges. Often rougher textures – corten steel, gravel, decomposed granite, weathered wood.


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